Aesthetics and dentistry go hand in hand.

The Urban Dentist in Berlin-Friedrichshain sets new standards for aesthetic dentistry.


Our ultimate goal is the long-term preservation of your oral health and teeth. We only use highly developed, nano-hybrid plastics for our filling materials. They meet our high standards for longevity and aesthetics.

For fillings in the anterior region, we use a specifically developed and aesthetically-high restorative materials designed for the most diverse aesthetic cases. This way we achieve natural as well as high gloss esthetic restorations. 

In case of severe dental corrections and reconstructions in the anterior and posterior regions, we work with all-ceramic, laboratory-produced materials.

In the beginning, however, we will sit down with you and explain all the possible treatment methods to you. This way we can plan the best possible care together.

Regardless whether its veneers, non-prep veneers, inlays or onlays, we cooperate with contemporary laboratories in Berlin for perfect results.

Planning, arranging required pretreatment procedures (professional teeth cleaning, Invisalign Go, bleaching, replacement of old amalgam fillings) as well as execution and aftercare come all from the same source. This way we can achieve the best results for your perfect smile.

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The Urban Dentist

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