root canal treatment

Preserving teeth instead of extracting them.

Endodontology at Warschauer Straße is nothing you should be afraid of.

If the root canal is damaged by bacteria, root canal treatment will be necessary in order to preserve the tooth, whereby quality and expertise determine the success or failure, preservation or loss of the tooth.

Our spectrum of services:

  • Diagnosis and planning of the treatment by means of low-radiation and digital X-Ray. 
  • Isolation of the affected tooth by means of dental dam (dental care cloth) to ensure a bacteria-free treating setting.
  • Use of optical magnification aids to detect and treat root canals.
  • Electrometric measurement methodologies for the precise determination of the length of the root canal.
  • Preparing and cleaning the root canal by means of rotating, flexible nickel-titanium files (Reciproc blue). This allows to treat even the most severely damaged root canals.
  • Special ultrasound-protected chemical rinsing methodology for optimal disinfection.
  • Contemporary root filling materials.
  • Restorations of the teeth with high quality dental fillings or crowns.

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