A healthy tooth requires a healthy periodontium.

The periodontology in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg completely focuses on the wellbeing of your periodontium.


Parodontitis refers to inflammation of the periodontium caused by bacteria. Some of the early symptoms are bleeding of the gums, bad breath,  decrease in gums and formation of gingival pockets. If a periodontitis is not treated, it can lead to progressive bone resorption and possible tooth loss in the long run. Our practice offers a comfortable and effective ultrasound-based therapy method. In this case we use the Acteon NEWTRON technology. Through the perfect control of vibrations, we can reach deeper gingival pockets in a less tissue-covering and invasive manner, which are through the help of local anesthesia freed from any pathogens.

In more severe cases of periodontitis, drug therapy may be required. The microbiological discovery of germs allows us to proceed with our targeted antibiotic therapy. 

For advanced stages of periodontitis, we have a wide range of surgical measures ready to be implemented. These include correction on soft tissue to restore the gum and filling up any bone defects using tooth filling. In order to achieve successful and long-lasting results, we accompany and support you with regular follow-up treatments. 

Precaution is the best way to avoid problems, so make sure to book your appointment as soon as possible!

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