Oral surgery in Berlin-Friedrichshain. We operate gently and only if necessary.

In severe cases of parodontitis we offer our broad spectrum of surgical measures. Those include for example the correction of soft tissue to restore the function and aesthetics of your gums, as well as the filling of osseous defects with bone substitutes.


The removal of wisdom teeth is of course also a part of oral surgery. As long as they grow uncomplicated and straight, they can be removed without any surgical measures under local anesthesia. As soon as the wisdom teeth lie underneath your gums and endanger your remaining teeth by growing in a crooked way, they must be surgically removed. For this purpose we open your gums under local or full anesthesia and then extract your wisdom teeth.



Are you looking for a dentist in Berlin Friedrichshain? Our treatment concept covers the entire spectrum of modern dentistry. From regular prophylaxis and tooth cleaning to the treatment of acute toothache or inflammation to the topics of aesthetics, implantology and dentures, we are your competent contact.

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    Warschauer Str. 32, 10243 Berlin

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